#PrayForGaza , a popular hashtag all over the internet that asks people to pray for Gaza. Yes, pray for Gaza, and “you don’t have to be a Muslim to pray for Gaza, you simply need to be human.” Gaza needs too much support and apparently, prayers.

I once tweeted:

I felt a bit weird about this tweet afterwards; why am I criticizing people who find solace in praying? Maybe their prayers are indeed answered, and if not now, then maybe in the near future. Maybe it’s the only thing to do, pray – for peace. Don’t you all do that before going to sleep:  praying for world peace and no more innocent people to die?

Well, I don’t do that. I don’t pray. I’m an atheist. And one of the flaws I’m working on is never to criticize those who pray, believe and find themselves through faith and religion. I try not to criticize, even though, deep within I do criticize those, I mainly criticize religions and people’s obsession with God. I always believed that the diversity in religions separates people. And maybe for once people should start removing these religion barriers as one step towards humanity.

I do however envy those who believe. I wish I can find a way back to believing (I was a believer once). While everyone is praying for Gaza, I’m just crying for Gaza – I’m writing for Gaza. And sometimes I wonder, can I, an atheist, find a way to pray?

Perhaps I missed the whole concept of faith and beliefs. Perhaps God is not that supreme powerful being, but it is mainly a concept of humanity that I cannot myself apprehend or relate to. I do believe in many things though: I believe in freedom, love, creation, knowledge, goodness, happiness, and many more, but I never thought I should believe in one supreme powerful being. I don’t want to worship anything, and I cannot pray.

But maybe it’s time to learn how to pray. For Gaza. For humanity and goodness.



  1. I think that we all pray in different ways…
    Prayer is sometimes that quiet conversation you have in your head, when all other thoughts seem dead…
    For some people it’s a precise recitation, and for others it’s a deep rooted desire that we feel and wish for…
    I think that the problem is the human. If it wasn’t religion…we would find something else to fight about. I think that having faith and hope is important…and it’s character building at the highest level when we can opt out of judging others for their choices or living. I really like this post…it’s filled with honesty and an open mind. Our world is lacking both.


    1. Thank you dear. Yes, religions, like many other concepts, are man made to make barriers between people and make others find a way to reach power.
      I think we can all find our way to pray, even when we have nothing to recite or say in our heads.
      I’m glad you found my post possessing these qualities of honesty and open mind – these qualities make me believe.

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  2. I am an atheist. I do not pray. Israel has every right to defend herself. But her response has been barbaric, disproportionate and utterly lacking in humanity. It is an atrocity that has demeaned us all as human beings. If I had a God, I would be ashamed before him.


    1. Israel is a powerful country. Ever since 1948 Israel never needed to defend itself, it only wished to depopulate Palestine of its native residence, and build an entirely Zionist state on a stolen land.
      What’s happening now is a new age holocaust. And apparently religion has nothing to do with it, it’s all about nationality.


      1. Whatever it is about, it is completely and utterly unacceptable. The civilian death count alone – every loss a deep tragedy – shows the level to which Israel has sunk. Her people will be measured by her actions and found complicit and without humanity.

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  3. “Peace is more than just the absence of war. True peace is justice, true peace is freedom. And true peace dictates the recognition of human rights.”


    1. True. True peace is also existence and creation.
      The Palestinians always seek peace, unfortunately this occupation will never provide them their own peace, with themselves and their surroundings.

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  4. It’s never too late to learn how to pray…


    1. Indeed it’s not. Thank you for your comment.


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