Time to stop?

As you might have noticed my last ten posts where only for the war on Gaza. I never imagined myself writing posts on my blog that are dedicated for politics, I have always been away from the political situation in the country. I always found disinterest in politics and political activities. Those who know me in real life know that about me. Over the years I have grown to be more aware of the political situation, even though I have never been an activist.

Over the past two years I started growing that interest. I never fully confessed that I want to be interested in every political activity. I simply became interested in what I found relevant to me and to others.

I suppose it has nothing to do with where you live, your nationality, or origin. It’s simply knowing the truth – the actual reality of me, my surroundings and so many other people. I never felt compelled to share  online so many articles, videos, news and photos that reflect this reality unless the material is heavy and makes a great impact. And this month I thought I was going mad.

I stopped sharing posts on Facebook for security reasons. Taking risks right now is not high on my list. I do however share too much on this blog. Taking risks here feels better than Facebook or any other social network. But maybe I’m wrong, and I should stop writing.  A friend suggested I keep a private diary.

I actually thought of deactivating my Facebook account for a while. I don’t want to feel compelled to share my opinion and put my life and future at risk. I’m also constantly overwhelmed by the posts that are shared there that I’m addicted to following them, reading them, express my thoughts and even share them. And I’m tired of the expressed racism on FB that I can’t help by report ever now and then. What do you think? Should I deactivate my FB account? at least for now, till it’s all over? I really need someone’s opinion on that.


  1. we pray to God the ceasefire will bring this disaster to an end. Our prayers with everyone. I have tears reading your blog. this was emotional to me!


    1. I’m sorry to cause you tears. I didn’t mean to. I just write what I feel.
      I’m an atheist, I don’t pray. I wish I can find a way to make an impact on ending this disaster.
      Thank you for your prayers.


      1. My brother got injured few days ago. That is still a painful injury inside me!


    2. I understand. Is he okay? Are you okay?


      1. He is injured badly while he was serving his duties. I hope the will release him next week. I am ok, thank you for asking. Arwa which city are you from?


  2. Dear Arwa, keep writing. Don’t ever stop! But if you feel that publishing may put you in harms way, hold it until a better time. In my heart I know that a better time will come. In the meanwhile, let others speak up, the ones that are not in the middle of the mess. I love your writing style and I believe that your words will have a greater impact on others one day than you can imagine. Write from your heart.


    1. Writing here on my blog hasn’t caused me anything yet. I suppose I shall keep writing and I’m glad people in Gaza found their way to be online and share everything on Facebook and Twitter.
      Thank you for liking my writing style, I appreciate that a lot, and I hope to constantly improve.


  3. You were born with a great mind, and a deep heart which is moved by atrocities where they happen, especially in the areas close to you. You are human, to be that way, you show what it is to care and love others, caring for their needs and what happens to them. The two greatest commandments of God sum up all the others, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul which is the first, and to love your brothers as you would yourself! If you embrace those in your life, you will never be wrong in the eyes of God. Pray for those who are in harms way, share your words and your concerns….in that way your heart and spirit will always shine brightest. Go with your heart, dear sister, that is where the love of God exists always! Be safe, blessings and hugs always!


    1. My dear friend, thank you so much for being so supportive. Your words always inspire me and make me believe in myself, and in magic that surrounds me. Unfortunately we live in very dark and sad days right now, and we cannot always believe. We try.


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