Child of Gaza – Surviving the cut

A Conscious Mind

10462666_10102337290478062_2296416502120422988_n The sun is about to rise, but you are still asleep.

This sensation of calmness and peace you are feeling is surreal. Everything around you seem to exist only because you want it to. Your feelings seem to be accentuated. This sensation of joy going through you, despite its good feeling, seems uncomfortable. As if it wasn’t supposed to be there. As if you shouldn’t be able to feel that way. But why?

In the background you hear the calling for the prayer. You open your eyes and you realize why, it was a dream.

You wake up, take a shower and prepare for the first prayer of the day. You lay your mat and implore the skies has if it was for the last time. Who knows, it might be.

Usually when you step outside you see children playing, running on the streets on their way to school. Today…

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  1. Thank you for finding my blog and for following. I hope you will visit often and find a bit of refuge. It is a mishmash but I enjoy doing it. I pray for peace for us all.


    1. Thank you for following my blog. I liked your blog and I’m looking forward to more posts. I do the same in my blog – I write and I enjoy doing it.
      Peace for us all.


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