With a piece of coal

I check her profile everyday, every hour, to see if she’s okay. Every time she posts something, I’m relieved, that she’s fine – alive.

I send her messages, asking if she’s okay, if she’s safe. I have nothing further to say except to take care of herself and be safe. What am I supposed to do.

Every time she posts something new, she’s closer to danger. And this is the last thing she posted – a drawing she made, in these horrific circumstances :

10532639_817488114948272_5106316531994732882_o It comes with a caption: “with a brown crayon and a piece of coal I found ..I don’t know where the coal came from I guess from the house bombed next door …”
And she later added:  “it’s an every day picture in Gaza …a mom’s last look or last embrace or last goodbye”


  1. Beautiful – Amazing!


    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s very sad and touching though. And I’m still worried.


      1. I enjoy your classical post which brings much more values


    2. Thanks you. Regardless, I write from the heart.


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