Heaven knows I tried

I have some Israeli friends on Facebook. I have known them from the University days, they were nice people and we were friends. We haven’t maintained our friendship for long, but I still have most of them appear as friends on Facebook. My Facebook isn’t entirely private. This blog is much more private than my Facebook, and still open for everyone to read, comment and share.

Ever since the recent events in Gaza, I have seen many posts from those Israeli “friends of mine”on Facebook expressing solidarity with Israel. And whenever they see brutal pictures of children being massacred in Gaza, they immediately blame Hamas for being hardcore terrorists using children as shields. Basically that’s what their media tells them. And then surely their media also emphasizes that Israel warns people in Gaza before striking their houses.

Let me clear some things:
Hamas does not use children as shields. Main reason civilians in Gaza die (women, men, elderly and children)is because they have no idea where to go, they don’t have shelters and they can’t leave Gaza. Either they have to surrender or keep resisting. Or, either they have to escape or die as martyrs – and they can’t escape.
As for warning before striking – how would you feel if someone just called you and said “Okay, so I’m going to strike and destroy your home. Leave it if you don’t want to die.” People have no where to go and it would hurt them to leave all their belongings and memories behind in ruins. If the Israelis don’t want to kill people and wish to warn them before firing, why even bother striking from the first place? Israel just wants to appear as the innocent child that is acting good and only wants to defend himself from bullies. What bullies?

You can skip the next part, I’m going to repeat what I said in my earlier posts: I was never a fan of Hamas (or any Islamic/religious movement), but if they are a resistance movement and I support resistance, and that’s what they’re doing now, resisting. Can’t they have the right to resist the occupation and the siege on Gaza? And you don’t have to be a Palestinian to have the heart to support Palestine and be anti-Israel or anti-Zionism. There are a lot of people around the world (many of them are Jews) who do not support the state of Israel, are they anti-Semitics? You do know that Palestinians are among the Semitics groups as well?

Back to my Israel “friends” on Facebook. I tried to restrain myself, I truly tried, until today. I saw a picture of someone posting a picture that says “Burn my flag, steal my land, boycott my products, refuse to recognize me, create lies about me,… deny my right to pray… but I am here to stay, I am Israel.” Heaven knows I tried, I wrote something, and hit the backspace button, and then I couldn’t hold myself and wrote a comment. I’ve had it. I couldn’t tolerate such folly and ignorance. Are you kidding me! Who stole the land? and from whom? Who refused to recognize whom? And who denied whose right to pray?

I know I acted irrationally, posting a comment to such ignorance. But I couldn’t restrain myself.

You might ask me why I don’t remove those “friends” from my Facebook. Well, to whom do you think I post all these articles exposing the real terrorism of Israel? to my Palestinian friends who already know the truth? or to the brainwashed ignorant Israelis or other people all over the world, who are too blind to see the actual truth?

Oh, and you’d like this: Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm”: Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook

I repeat this: I have seen some hatred from the Palestinian side (and with a good reason), but I have never in my life witnessed such hatred and radical racism from the Israeli side. Never.


  1. Hi Arwa! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I saw and liked your poem but had no idea of your involvement.So many of my face book friends have posted things about the dreadful situation in Gaza (me too). Here in London everyone is talking about it, some with a catch to their voice and teary eyes, but it’s not only here, my American friends are by far the most prolific and persuasive in their postings.
    I understand the anger and frustration of Hamas etc. but I cannot condone violence in any form (I’ve always been a pacifist) it just makes it worse and what the Israeli army is doing is beyond reason.The phrases war crimes and ethnic cleansing are used a lot here.. I’ve been a supporter of Palestinians for over 20 years since I heard the truth of the situation from a Palestinian friend in Hong Kong, (though I feel powerless to do more than pray, demonstrate and sign the many petitions which seem to go no where).
    I sense people here have had enough, even very moderate folks who ten years ago would have been ignorant or simply go with the flow are now demanding governments, banks and corporations do something to stop the violence. Western governments have gone to war over UN violations, Israel has over 60 I believe – why the double standard? I pray God will somehow stop it soon.


    1. Thank you for your comment and support. I’m glad that people abroad are finally aware of the political and humane situation in the Israel-Palestine. The history of the land goes back ages ago, and people are still fighting for it. But right now, for the past 7 decades, people think it’s a trivial war between a Jewish country and terrorists. It has nothing to do with Judaism or Islam – it’s all about the strive for power (and dare I say money).
      It will only end when more people around the world act to stop this brutality and occupation. Which might not happen soon. The state of Israel and the US are powerful, they have to power to brainwash many people – especially their own people. You have no idea what Israeli people think and do. They’re deeply brainwashed that you cannot even argue with them.
      Being a Palestinian citizen of Israel I am risking my entire future for my freedom of speech.


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