Some things need to be shared

When it comes to the western media, I’m no longer concerned, for some reasons they started exposing the true face of Israel. Even though I wonder what took them so long. If you check the media, all over the internet, you’ll find some kind of news and articles about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which I don’t consider a conflict, I just think of it as an “occupation”. And now some of the western media and people from all around the world are admitting the idea of the occupation. I wonder how many are they, and if they will make an impact on the government.

In Israel however, people are being ignorant and racist. I swear, I saw some hatred from the Palestinian people, but they were a result of anger – can you blame them though? being deprived from their human rights, being occupied and under siege? While I have seen and heard so much hatred and racism from the Israeli people. I never knew such racism could exist.

On some occasions, while I mistakenly browse Facebook (the biggest social network) I find myself irritated by some of the Israelis comments and posts, and sometimes I have this urge  to respond to their remarks and attacks. But I don’t think I’ll come out alive in that – metaphorically speaking, they will kill me alive and I’d just regret anything I have to say. So instead I can post my own opinion, sharing videos I find relative to the whole situation, so those Israeli “friends” I have (from college or work) can see that the media they follow and share is based on false narrative.  If they can’t see the truth, they can do whatever they want, I’m not going to directly speak to them and “enlighten” their minds.

So, here is the video I would like to start with:

Miko Peled comes from a prominent Zionist family, his father is an IDF general and his grandfather signed Israel Declaration of Independence, yet he advocates for the rights of the Palestinians and fights against the Israeli propaganda.  In this interview he finally says:”If they don’t like the rockets, they can leave the siege on Gaza and allow the Palestinians refugees to go back to their homes. Furthermore, they can release all the Palestinian prisoners unconditionally… and cancel the apartheid regime… This what needs to happen, and it needs to happen immediately, and until it happens the world needs to boycott this place.”

Even though I once said that I’m not a fan of Hamas (I hate any Islamic/religious movement) I found that Peled has a point in what he says here, and sometimes (only sometimes) I can relate to Hamas:

is a resistance movement. wo Israeli occupation there would be no resistance. will kill as long as Palestinians r alive.” (Twitter)

Another video I shared, which I liked, and found the reporter admirable:

I’m glad she speaks openly, quite strictly and bluntly about some of the media and the White House, she puts much energy in her response to the situation. Respect.

Finally I would like to share a final video, a response from the Palestinian people, a poem by Rafeef Ziadah. One again, after three years, we still teach life, sir.

“We, Palestinians, wake up every morning to teach the rest of the world life, sir.”

You might say that Israel has the right to defend itself. What kind of defense are you talking about?



  1. I love this blog post of yours. And it’s like you said about the western media, why did they just all of the sudden decide they would start being a little (and I do mean very little) more balanced when they never saw the need to before?
    And everytime I hear somebody calling for “peace and halt to violence on both sides”, at the end of the day it’s the occupation that is at the root of the violence, so indeed Resistance IS NOT terrorism.
    Great blog and I will def be returning to read your insightful perspectives!


    1. Thank you for your comment, for your support and for following my blog. I love your blog.
      I’m glad people like you in the west think this way.

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      1. Thank you. We are a minority for sure. Many people are so brainwashed from propaganda here.

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  2. Number one. The media is owned. USA like to blind the people. They give the side of what a government demands. That is why writers must write and reporters must report the truth. Years ago Rachel Corrie was a human life shield for the Palestinian. Israel killed her in 2004 and said the christian woman was a terrorist. She had no gun and had the dream to help stop the violence. Her death brought me to the knowledge of what Israel is doing to me. I’m 1/2 Native American. Europe murdered races of powerful tribes for land. World hadn’t change. Better to stand and die for something than live for nothing.


    1. The history repeats itself. The colonialism in America is the same in Israel. Apartheid in South Africa is the same in Israel. Everybody who opposes the state of Israel is called Anti-Semitic (Arabs are the same Semitic people by the way).
      All of the Palestinians are resisting and dying for their land, freedom, and their rights, while the US and the Israeli media refers to them as terrorists.


      1. Not all Americans believe this. Israel had lost a lot of support. But!! Like you said. Colonialism is hard to stop. I hope the world is better than 240 years ago when the USA took the USA.


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