We shall overcome

Deep in my heart, I don’t believe. Not anymore. There was a time I truly believed that hand in hand we shall all overcome.

Will we be able to break down the prison walls and tear down all lies. Will there be a truth to be told, to the whole world, to make us all free.

We shall overcome? When? After 66 years? When the whole world is right behind us, protesting for our freedom, while the leaders of the world are taking their naps.

Deep in my heart, I wish to believe, I wish faith was here with me standing hand in hand, to overcome and tear down those prison walls.

At least Roger Waters believes that we shall overcome.


  1. I pray everyday for the madness to stop. I was a soldier and I saw things I want to forget. I hope Palestine and the Middle East can find their sanity. One more death is too many. Hate is a powerful force. I don’t know how we can teach calm and peace and the value of life to people drowning in greed and hate. Thank you for your blog. Dryden, the great English writer wrote. “Writers must write and state the truth”. Be careful and thank you for your words and thoughts.


    1. I don’t think the whole middle east will find its sanity. That is what I’m trying to say. There is so much hate, especially in Israel. Israel is somehow like the apartheid that was in South Africa. I have seen some hate from the Palestinian side (and you can’t really blame them – imagine some people come and take your land by force, leave you with nothing, imprison you and refer to you as a terrorist), while I have seen so much extreme hatred and racism from the Zionist Israelis.
      I no longer believe in peace.


      1. We must hold on to hope. If one life is saved. You did something. Many times in history. One person saved a country and race. People must yell and shout about the injustice of greedy countries.


        1. Yes people should yell and shout. That’s what the Palestinians are doing, but still, no one truly cares. The whole issue needs a divine intervention, but I don’t believe in the divine, so I have lost hope.


          1. Israel had lost support. If she don’t change. She will stand alone. One thing Obama did right. He doesn’t support Israel. The Arab people are strong and ancient people. Old wise saying. You can kill the parent. The children will arise stronger. The media and Israel want you to give up. Remember Rachel Corrie. One beautiful woman supporting the right and she died for strangers. The world need to know.


          2. I will go to it now. I have pissed off people for years over my view on this topic. I communicate with many people from the Middle East. Some of my friends work for the organization in the Detroit area. They send food, water and medical supplies. I wrote often in my poetry. When the sleep become the wolf. Who is the sleep? I wish I knew the answer. Giving up isn’t the answer.


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