Who teaches life?

I would like to share my opinion, once and for all.

As you might have heard, three Israeli youth were first kidnapped few weeks ago and just few days ago they were found murdered. Presumably by Hamas.

Let me make some introductions first.

The three Israeli youth were brought up by Zionist Israeli families living in the “illegal” settlement built on occupied Palestinian lands. They were brought up to believe that taking the Palestinian land from the hands of the Palestinians is an honorable thing to do. Of course according to Israel there was no such thing as Palestine.

Hamas is an Islamic Resistance movement in Palestine that fights Israel all the time. Many countries identify Hamas as a terrorist organization that aims to promote terrorism. Others would claim that this movement/organization simply aims for resistance against the Israeli occupation. I don’t wish to say anything about that, except that every religion-based organization is a concept I am always against.

I have heard that Hamas admitted the kidnap and the murder. Can you ask yourself why did they do that? There are too many reasons behind the kidnap and the murder I can assure you. But you cannot assure me that this kind of action is purely terrorist, can you?

It is a Zionist/Israeli propaganda.  Of course it is.

And now check what Israelis are doing. Even before the death announcement, there was a page on Facebook that says “Shooting a terrorist each day until the youth return.” According to Israelis, all Palestinians and Arabs (in Palestine or anywhere in the world) are terrorists. It doesn’t matter what their motives are, or their actions are for, everything is terrorism, as if they aren’t terrorists themselves.

A Palestinian Arab guy who studies Medicine at the Technion (one of the best institutes of science in Israel) posted on Facebook a status that says “3 goals for Palestine”. He published it before they found the 3 bodies of the Israeli youth.  As a Palestinian citizen of Israel he’s at great risk. Israelis believe that as a citizen he should respect Israel and declare to the world that he does not believe in the existence of Palestine. While they, Israelis, still believe him to be a terrorist because he’s an Arab.

I dare say this Technion guy is naive. Why would he post a status like that? I think he’s doing exactly what Israelis are doing, he’s going down to their level by stating the hatred toward Israelis. I understand his beliefs, I don’t have to agree with him, but why would he expose such behavior?

Yes, I sympathize with the mourning families of the 3 dead Israeli youth, because I don’t believe in murder, I don’t believe in the principle of “An eye for an eye”. I do however understand those who do not sympathize; imagine you live under constant occupation and oppression, would you sympathize with the death of your oppressor?  Surely not.

Now Israelis seek revenge and they wish to kill all Palestinians. They succeeded by killing one Palestinian child today. And maybe others to come. They call it a conquest. After all it’s a game: 3-1 for now.

Israelis were brought up to believe that their ancestors deserve this land and that they gained it by a heroic force (they make it sound biblical). They never understood the fact that they had to steal this land in order to live in it. They took it by force, and oppressed the native inhabitants and declared them to be terrorists. If you point out that you are against the state of Israel you immediately appear antisemitic – what about all the Jews who are against the state of Israel, are they antisemitic too?

In addition to their usual and old statement “Death for Arabs”, Israelis are expressing extreme hatred and racism, by posting everywhere on the social network and media: “To hate Arabs is not racism, it’s ethics” So basically being antisemitic is not about racism, it’s about ethics?

I’m running out of things to write about. Because apparently I’m not knowledgeable enough, and I can’t fully be part of this political game. I have my own beliefs and values, stating them might cause me a lot. After all, I am an Arab. I am a terrorist, right? In the meantime, I don’t have anything further to say.

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