My grandmother and Fairouz

Late afternoon, still sunny and warm, sitting on the balcony with my grandmother. There is only one thing to talk about, the good music.

We talked about Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra, until I started talking about the French chanson that inspired so many Arab (Lebanese) musicians and singers.

After listening to Edith Piaf, we concluded conversation a song of Fariouz – the great Arab singer that gave the whole world (or at least the whole Arab world) a great gift with her angelic voice and spirit.  My grandmother sang along and declared that nothing in the whole world can vanquish this type of magic. And Fairouz’s music can live forever, for every occasion, and no voice in the whole world or melody can be ever compared to hers.

Fairouz’s Zahrat Al-Mada’en – A song for Jerusalem, the city of peace and prayer. A video with English translation.

My grandmother and Fairouz, two souls that will always be tattooed in my heart, with love and inspiration. Thank you for being you, and thank you for being here.

As the light summer breeze touches my bare arms, I write this with a smile on my face.


  1. I listened to the song as well and the talk about faith is wonderful. Alos really nice to read about your time with your grandma!


    1. Thanks. Delighted to see your comment and thanks for the follow.


  2. Beautiful moment Arwa! Hugs to you always!


    1. Thank you dearest friend. Did you listen to the song? the video also has the translation of the song into English. I thought you might find it interesting and like it, for it is a song for Jerusalem – the city of prayer and faith.


  3. This is magnificent


    1. Thanks.


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