I’m not an Arab

I was born speaking nothing until I started speaking that Arabic tongue. My ancestors spoke a language that I cannot tell which, for I haven’t looked at a record yet – but I am told they spoke my native tongue.
I live in a country that lays an emphasis on the fact that I’m a Christian, therefore I am not allowed to be an Arab.
I am not a christian. Perhaps my parents insisted on baptizing me, but it has been a long time since I practiced my Christianity.  Can I be an honest Christian if I don’t follow this track any more ( or any other religion track). Why is it that your religion decides who you are?
If you’re a Muslim you’re an Arab. If you’re an Arab you’re a Muslim. What kind of folly behind this notion?

They said I’m not an Arab. Is it because I’m not a huge fan of the Arabic tongue? Is it because I chose the English tongue as my own now — does that mean that I am English now? Did I baptize myself to become English? But what if I wish to be French (without knowing the national tongue yet), can I follow that?

I’m not an Arab. Because this ignorant lusting-for-power country chose to give me a Christian identity in which my name is originally Arabic. And the name of my great christian ancestors – in Arabic.

I’m not an Arab. Because apparently the Arabian beauty I have is just a mere chance.
I’m not an Arab. Because I don’t have a culture.
I’m not an Arab because I find myself with no idea what to relate to when I speak of my own identity, culture and origin.

I’m not an Arab. If I was … I would have written this text in Arabic, instead of English. That’s the rule, right?IMG_2532


  1. Human. I think this will say who you are.


    1. Thank you. Yes. That’s it, we’re humans first.

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  2. I love your message, if one but checks their DNA, the majority of us would be part of many cultures over the centuries. And probably part of many different man made religions since the beginning of time. But you will always be my sister! Hugs and blessings always Arwa!!!


    1. Thank you my dear friend for your comment. Yes indeed we are part of all the cultures – we live in an age in which we can no longer define ourselves – we have multiple identities and never-ending strive for worldly knowledge.



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