I fly (unfinished)

I fly
Where the wind tries to stop me
and carry me to the land of consciousness.
I keep flying
dancing between every portion of the air.

I land on my own realm of wilderness
up on that mountain of glory and pride.
The gods tried to stop me once,
I bet this time they won’t even dare.

I fly
above the clouds
unable to see the Godforsaken land.

February 21th, 2014


  1. It’s only unfinished because you’re still flying, love. Call us when you’ve landed, and we’ll sing the rest of the piece together. It’s lovely.


    1. Thank you. I’ll let you know when I’ll land, I doubt that will happen soon though 😉


  2. Unfinished ? It sounds pretty good to me! Thnaks Arwa for sharing!


    1. It’s unfinished because I started writing it, and then I stopped, and knew that I’m incapable of finishing it right now, so I published it anyway, hoping that I might continue writing it one day.
      Thanks a lot for liking it.


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