Alternative Reality

I have seen this clip/movie a week ago and then I’ve noticed that everyone on Facebook is sharing it. It is a share-worthy video.

Reality: women are harassed every day when raped it is their fault. If it’s not the case and I’m exaggerating, then please pay a visit to the middle east.

Surly a world like the one in the video does not exist – women don’t have the urges like men, they’re not animals. That’s why a lot of people (I’m pretty sure the majority of them are men) are homophobes, they don’t want to be treated like they treat women.

Why is it that some great men don’t have the “courage” to harass women?

Talking about men’s approach towards women is much much more complicated than that, sometimes I find myself entirely misunderstood (and misjudged) by my male friends who don’t understand the way women truly need, desire and think. Sometimes I feel like I need to keep talking to these male friends to enlighten them. I always fail though.

Watch this. I think it’s more powerful and somehow scary:

I really don’t want to live in Egypt (and I’m highly discouraged to even visit it). Now you may call me a coward.

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