Nazareth (February)

Arwa's Gallery

I don’t always go for a photography day in Nazareth, but when I do, I try.

Pictures taken from the Salesian Church (Don Bosco).








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  1. Gorgeous photo.i admire the art of photography it really exposes the hidden beauty in so many ways.(l hope l have told you that .”Arwa” is beautiful arabic name.


    1. Thank you my dear friend. Yes indeed photography is an art that demonstartes beauty as seen in the eyes of the photographer/artist and exposes the hidden beauty that we cannot all see.
      As for my name, can you believe that it took me years to like it. There aren’t a lot of people carrying this name. And some people misspell it in Arabic, which is annoying. It’s أروى ! And it has multiple meanings.


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