Omar – from Palestine to the Oscars


“Omar” by the Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, is a film about resistance, honor, and freedom. I can certainly be glad to hear about its nomination for the Academy Awards. A nomination for a Palestinian film is always an honor, and one cannot but support this triumph, and feel honored that this film can be a right and true advocate for the Palestinian issue and struggles. But with all honesty I must confess that I did not like this film as much as I ought to, I thought it lacks many material and somehow seems to trivialize the true message it should hold from the first place. As much as I appreciate the effort behind it, I cannot truly see myself praising it to the fullest. And yet, I want it to receive some recognition, and an award. 

P.S. My cousin is in it, and I’m happy for him. 


Film synopsis:

When a trio of young Palestinians decides to kill an Israeli soldier, one of them, a baker named Omar, is arrested and beaten by Israeli intelligence agents. Told that he will be given his freedom if he assists in capturing the man they believe to be the shooter, Omar rejoins his friends and begins to suspect that there is an informant among them.

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