I wake up from dreams

Every morning, I wake up from dreams…

Dreams of my past, haunting me, penetrating my soul… torturing me.

I know these dreams, I know their closure… I know their answers.

Yet, I am puzzled, by my present.

In those dreams, I hear his voice… fierce and cold.


He is gone.

These dreams, mixture: of joy and nightmares. Loud nightmares, in my ears.

I scream…. in pain. I cry, out in agony.

Flood of tears come down my face… nothing can redeem them.

In those dreams… I died, hundred times.

And yet, I resurrected… every morning. To smile and hope for better dreams.

“One Last Goodbye” by Anathema  (I can’t tell whether this song inspired me to write these words, or was it me all along.)


  1. Beautiful poem my sister, I shall be sharing with you this week on the other blog! You will be ok! Blessings!


    1. Thank you my dear friend for your kind words. I’m really glad you like it. And I’m looking forward to your sharing your wonderful and inspirational creations on Straketch. Thank you.


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