I congratulate myself

I have done what I needed to do.. perhaps not every item on my list, but for a while I thought I have conquered my fears. There are more to come, and I will vanquish the earth I stand upon. I will fight, shall use my armor once I lose my sword. There are more to come…I will fight all the legions I come across. They shall be subdued.fantasy-female-wallpapersfemale-warrior-wallpapers-metal-fantasy--heavy-metal-wallpapers-i7ufisuh

Finally, I will stand on that rock of pride and shall congratulate myself. For the earth is beneath me and the world is ahead of me… and there are more to vanquish.

I will be received by the lord of Sophia and congratulated like a hero… yet I am a heroine, and cannot afford the honor. I shall wait till the lady supersede the honored lord … this time will come when my people inherit the earth. This time shall come.

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