Charles Aznavour is coming to town

Well, not to town, but close enough.

ever since I’v heard in the news paper that Charles Aznavour is coming to Israel, I couldn’t rest till I found someone to come with me. But then again, he’s coming to Israel, not Palestine. Usually when an international singer/artist comes to Israel, we Palestinians try to boycott the performance. Usually these performers come to encourage the peace process between Israel and Palestine, but that doesn’t really work out, because they come to Israel, to Israeli audience and not to the Palestinian territories. And they still approve of the occupation, so where the peace in that?

I have to be honest and declare that  I haven’t had the chance to see any international performances by singers I like, except Fairouz which I saw in Jordan and Marcel Khalifa which I saw in Minnesota. Charles Aznavour is the only non-Arab singer I’m going to see, and that is enough of a thrill for me.

I’ve been in love Aznavour for years and I find myself more than touched by his music and highly inspired, even though I don’t really understand French.

First  of all the ticket is expensive, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Second of all, it took me a while to convince anyone to come with me. People who live around me are ignorant and they don’t know real music. They think they do, but they don’t.

Is it okay if I declare a boycott for performances in Israel and still go and see them? Does it make any sense? Am I encouraging normalization? If I’m going to keep boycotting Israel, how will I even live? seriously.

I suppose I can go as an individual and enjoy Aznavour’s music live as much as I can, before it all ends.

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  1. […] I support The Boycott. I support it and I think of it as a movement for rebellion and freedom. Unfortunately, I am a hypocrite and I end up going to the concerts that matter to me in Tel Aviv. I have no choice and I can’t boycott everything, because at some point I would be missing out the best performances in my life. Remember Charles Aznavour? […]


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