My Passion for Literature

tumblr_m2cwabj3AU1qixw5eo1_500Perhaps I don’t consider myself to be a great reader, but I do enjoy reading. If it was a competition of who read faster, I would probably lose, because I don’t think I have this list and time for reading. I read for pleasure and for satisfying my own imagination. I enjoy it. I might have a strange taste in novels and sometimes I end up hiding the novels I read from the eyes of the nation, because people do Judge people by their choice of reading. I do that too.

Some people assume that because I am a fan of literature that I have to read certain novels, and I have to enjoy them. There are novels that I couldn’t finish, not only because of my laziness, but also from my lack of interest of the novels in question. Some novels aren’t good, no matter what history says.

If people recommend me some books to read I can guarantee that I will never even look the books up. For some reason my choice for reading is random, sometimes I do follow recommendations but that can be rare. And yes, I do choose books by their covers, the cover design is art and some of them are beautiful, some of them are more beautiful the novels, so they’re nice to hold and look at when the novels go down the road of failure (Twilight for example).

Some people judge the fact that sometimes I show books I read or have read, but there’s no other way to recommend. I’m very glad that I have a Kindle and that no one really has to see what I read every day. Even though I shouldn’t be ashamed of my choice of novels.

I think literature is a world without an end, every novel, good novel, is an encyclopedia to learn about history, culture, civilization, psychology, philosophy, ideal, death, life and many more. If I ever become a teacher, I will force my students to read. And they will have to deal with that.

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