Introducing myself as a poet

I have written quite a number of poems so far. Unfortunately I couldn’t count them, some of them I’ve lost, others I couldn’t publish (or forgot to publish), and others are still there, hanging.

I do tell people I write poetry, I do tell people I enjoy it and that I still practice it. When I say “practice” poetry, people think that I enjoy writing poetry, but in fact, when I say “practice” I mean practice as in practicing my skills, and trying to improve.

I never considered myself to be a good poet, or a poet for that matter. I like writing, I do. I enjoy every word I type (or write), I enjoy the sound of my rhymes (if I get the chance to have any). But whenever people realize I write poetry, they assume that I’m good at it, because let’s be honest, anyone who writes poetry and publishes it, means one is good at it. I’m not good at it, but I want to improve and be good at it, through feedback and encouragement.



  1. We learn by writing and reading. Writing is a lifetime effort. Good to met you. We can learn from each other. Have fun and be safe.


    1. Thank you. Indeed we do.


    1. Thanks 🙂


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