Straketch will no longer be a personal blog

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Less than a year ago I decided to convert my blog ( into a magazine, a cultural magazine about literature, art and what’s related. I was slightly encouraged and thus I have kept postponing it until I have completely forgotten. I am passionate about literature and art, I am passionate about so many things, but then again, it would be a huge responsibility to open a magazine and invite people to write on daily basis. I like writing and I like expressing, but it would be impossible to write and manage everything.

straketch write yourselfNow I think about it, if I don’t open the magazine, then when will I do that? And now that I think about it, perhaps I can invite people from all over the world and send emails to people that I might know. But this time I don’t want to open a cultural magazine, it is somehow too general. Perhaps I should focus on writing, and open a magazine for writing, or simply call it a writing corner, for people who want to write and express themselves. Writing is an effective way to confess and release the soul. It is highly recommended by professionals, or so I hope it is.

With writing one can express so many dilemmas and fears. And let’s be honest, a personal blog isn’t as popular unless it deals with one heck of a subject. I currently have very few followers on this blog, I would rather move my blog to wordpress if I want to be recognized personally. I am paying for this domain for almost two years now, the first year wasn’t much, but the second became a lot, and I thought about closing it. I really did, but I don’t want to erase its memory, so perhaps I should move my personal blog to a subdomain and then I should just convert this one into a corner for writing, for authors.

I will keep the domain straketch, until it becomes extremely ridiculous. Straketch is a random typing that has no meaning… yes I know, ridiculous. I will tell that story later.

Now my dear friends, I would like to invite all of you to join my group of writers and start composing: poetry, prose, fiction, Drama, opinion and what else. Please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment if you would like to join (or by e-mail arwa[AT]straketch[DOT]com). You do not have to be a professional writer to express what’s within. Feel free to be honest.

Before opening the new website, I will have to make sure that I have recruited a number of contributors/writers to start writing.

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