I’m no beggar


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He was a little boy
cannot be more than ten years old.
as beautiful as an angel,
with a hidden smile on his face,
looking at all the colors of the street,
at all the faces of the nation.
He holds nice balloons
of different shapes and colors.
“Buy my balloons”, he says,
A man says, “here are ten Shekels”
the man hands the money.
“Keep the balloons.” he adds.
“No sir”, the boy says,
“I’m no beggar, sir.”
His eyes shine with pride
with hidden sadness inside.
The boy is not a beggar,
boy-with-balloons-smallhe is a man, who has missed school
for he needs work,
selling beautiful balloons to strange people.
He will take no charity from them.
He’s not a beggar.
He needs the money to eat,
he will work,
for labor is in his blood.
He is a child of ten years of age,
or less. one cannot tell.
He’s no beggar.
he needs to eat.
in peace.
He is a child,
a little boy with no name,
yet honorable he is,
holding his beautiful balloons
selling them
to people who know nothing
about colors and beauty
would rather give charity
than make this child happy
that he sold at least one
of his balloons.


Check out my writing here

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