You’re Alone


It’s a lovely feeling. To be surrounded by many people, and yet feel more than usually alone. Be alienated from people, and everyone that can be found in the room, the street, the restaurant and the cafe. You are by your self, or accompanied. You interact and converse, but still, you are more than alone, you are lonely and lost.

Time passes so slowly, for it would appear bizarre if you interact with yourself. Being alone, is the time you forget yourself and focus on the rest, on the others. That is your one mission, you have to join hem, be like them, interact with them and your surroundings, and forget to focus on yourself. It is how you are alone, you are obliged to be alienated from yourself. Then, at the end of the day, you are indeed alone, with yourself, alienated from others, but not to yourself, and that is who you truly are.

Most people are alienated from themselves but belong to society and people. The rest, like you and me, we are true to our selves but our punishment is to be outsiders.

People are like islands, separate but they have the sea to connect them together, they all have the same thing in common, the stream of shallowness, power and envy.

alone,boat,man,sea-80559f6a7f38e62823914a80f25f1a25_mboat-alone-yellow-fogyalnizAlone-wallpapers (6)


(None of the photography is mine)

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