Lost memories

imaginationThe past is a myth.

When anything ends it ceases to exist.

I for one can have a strong memory.

but every memory I have seems to me like a dream I once had, or a film I have seen, or something I have fantasized about.

I find myself wondering if these memories were real, or merely my imagination. I can no longer feel what had happened. Maybe it is time to forget every single memory, and replace them with the present incidents, replace the memories that have ended with reality that is still progressing.

Sometimes I believe that history isn’t real, it never took place, it’s just a story, and that’s why I only enjoy learning about any historical events by reading novels and stories. History seems to be now a set of fictional tales. And indeed they are, one cannot be certain that any historical event is accurate. Therefore nothing is real except the quality of these stories.

Sometimes I sit and think about anything that had happened to me, or any experience I once had, and I cannot feel anything anymore  I cannot feel the first time I walked in New York, or went to Hollywood. I do not remember being there, some photographs show me that I was, but in fact I do not remember.

Sometimes I try to think about the first magical kiss I once shared with my beloved, and I cannot feel it anymore, I believe that it has became part of my imagination now than my memories.

I have lost my memories, my imagination is deceiving me.

I no longer remember that I had grandfathers, even though they only passed away last year. I do not remember my grandmother that is now with advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. She is no longer with us, I rarely see her. She does not talk, she is not alive, and now she is not part of my past, she is not part of my memories, but part of my imagination.

My childhood is no longer who I am. I believe that every incident in my childhood is now my imagination.

What will happen when I lose everything? If I have no memories, I will never have a past, and my present will be just me, or will I also lose myself?

Memory is not real, the past is a myth, and we are victims of our imagination.

The present is our reality. Our lives is our presents, and t will be soon exchanged with our future…

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  1. A hard subject. When I speak. I hear the past. Elders and teachers leave us with memories. I believe the past and the future work together. We learn what we truly need and work toward our goals and dreams. A topic that would need a large pot of coffee and a long conversation.


    1. Thanks John for the comment. It’s quite amazing that you just made a comment on a post I wrote exactly a year ago, but I’m delighted to read this comment. This subject indeed needs a long conversation. I wrote it when I was thinking about all memories I had, and at some point I just stopped thinking they were actually real. Sometimes I believe that all of my past is just a dream.


      1. I’m 55 years old and I agree. The past can feel like another person life.


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