She was his true love

“You have her, you’ve never lost her.” He said, “You don’t know her value.”

He has fell in love with her ever since he can remember. He has always loved her and had only met her few times in his life. She is his dream, his passion and his inspiration. He has loved no one but her. She was never his, and will never be his, yet he felt a depth belonging to her majestic air and manner.

He wrote her poetry and music. He has treasured all his memories with her. He only lived about a hundred mile away from her, he would go to her every day if he could, but he couldn’t  and it seems as though there will be no chance he will be able to see her again in the near future. During the few times he met her, he needed special permit. He cannot always have it.

He had dreamed about her, about her beauty, her voice, her smell, her everything… he lived his days believing that his dreams are true reality, even though he was deceived by those fantasies. As all men like him, he had hope, a strong faith that held a smile of pride on his handsome face.

“Can I ask you to do something for me?”, he once asked the girl he had phone conversations with.

“Anything”, she said, she was very fond of him.

“Can you go out to your balcony and call my name”, he requested, “I want her to hear my name. I want my name to fill her air.”

“You’re crazy”, she replied.

“I’m madly in love with her.”

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