A House in Ma’lul

Sometimes I have this dream/thought of going to Ma’lul (the town my family was depopulated from) and build my own house (I will start with a tent of course) and let the Israeli army/country deal with it.

Today is the 65th commemoration day of the Nakba , and all I can think about is that there should be a change. We cannot always think about commemorating this day, commemorating a day of Nakba should not be our plan/future plan for the Palestinian people, but they should do something about the fact that we are immigrates and not real citizens  that we no longer have our lands, and this situation has been like that for 65 years, and we see no development. We shouldn’t keep being like that, being extremely depressed about this day, and every event we keep showing how we have been victimized, but we should work on it and become real people, living in reality and actually fight for ourselves, develop our methodologies, instead of showing our miserable and unfortunate life.  But what do I know anyway…


Here is a song by the Palestinian Artist Dalal Abu Amneh, a Palestinian musician, about the depopulated/demolished Palestinian towns, the song is called “Halbayt fe Ma’lul” – This house In Ma’lul.

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