Marriage, why do we need it?

Sex and the Arab Woman

We all want to get married, some of us don’t obviously, and I was one of those. I might still be a person who is not thinking about marriage, yet.
Is it what usually women want? marriage? do they reach a certain age and start highly considering getting married. Where I live, in my society, if you’re 30 and unmarried, then there’s probably a huge problem and you need to fix this situation. If you’re a guy, you can wait till you’re 40 and then something will be wrong with you.

Not only women want to get married, also men. Is that how we were raised? is that how the world works? that we all end up getting married, wanting to get married, or accepting the fact that we need to get married. Who invented marriage anyway? imagine a world with no “marriage”, not a term or the whole idea…

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