Love in the Time of Apartheid

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and their draconian citizenship laws now threaten one of the most basic of human bonds, love.

Some love stories have happy endings, others sad, but at least there’s a conclusive ending. In occupied Palestine, love stories often hover in a nervous limbo; checkpoints, racist citizenship laws, and an impossible visa process leave many Palestinian relationships with uncertain fates.

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The Israeli army prevented a symbolic wedding from being held on Saturday near the West Bank separation barrier aimed at denouncing obstacles to unions between Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, an AFP correspondent said.

The “marriage” was to have been held at an army roadblock between Jerusalem and Ramallah in the West Bank, with an Israeli Arab bride coming from Nazareth in northern Israel.

But the army prevented the bride from arriving at the site and soldiers used stun grenades to disperse about 50 Palestinians who had gathered at the other side of the roadblock, causing no injuries.

The ceremony, planned as part of a campaign run under the theme “Love in the time of apartheid” was organized by Palestinians to denounce what they say are “racist laws that prohibit the reunification of families”.

Read more on al arabiya

This is what they mean when they warn you not fall in love with anyone from Ramallah.

Pictures I found on facebook shared/taken by my cousin featuring my other cousin as a bride:


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