The Road Not Taken

I found this on Quora about “The Road Not Taken”

This poem by Robert Frost is not a simple poem, and it is considered one of his greatest and well known poems. Some people don’t understand all of it very well. And here’s an illustration that actually explains what could his poem mean:

and that’s what was written beneath it:

The beauty of the poem is that, contrary to common interpretation, Frost never championed one choice over the other. The final panel in the strip sums it all up.
It does not matter which road you take; any choice could be better or worse than the other. And if, in the end, both lead to the same destination, then the initial choice is inconsequential.
The only thing here is the fact that sometimes you have to make a choice and let the other option remain unexplored.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back.

Once you choose a road, it leads to another and so on. This multitude of choices at every juncture makes it almost impossible to come back and examine the left out option.

Consider the comic strip; once the guy decides to go to the University instead of travelling, he has eliminated the other possibility. He gets a good job and meets a cute girl at a pub, gets married, has kids and so on. He cannot go back to Brazil to meet another (equally attractive girl), become a chef etc.
And so is the other way round.

But in the final panels, he is old, alone, but content. And that is what matters.


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