Prometheus (poem/monologue)

I have tried writing this poem for a class at the university. Surely I have failed to write it for it was supposed to be a dramatic monologue about Prometheus and Pandora, and I don’t know what I was attempting to do here but that’s what I ended up writing


Prometheus Adam Louvre

Prometheus Adam Louvre


Great Zeus, thou hast all strength to wish me dead,
Perhaps all titans beneath thee, thou shall end.
Have I stole thine secret fire for mortals to support,
but pray tell, what sacred fire can thou hold.
I purloined merely a slice of thine possessed flame,
Whilst thine only gift be a consummate fair dame.
I have seen Aphrodite with a dazzling grace,
although I do confess I had not seen her face;
but with thine fire, great Zeus, I shall see,
Forsooth, I cannot dream to conquer thee.
Shall I see beauty thou bestow upon this earth.
Aye, the earth, for itself shall give a unique birth;
a strangely divine creature the eyes hath not seen,
an incomparable woman made men desires keen;
The first mortal woman she be, thou all endowed,
Pandora, her name, thou all be nothing but proud.
Great Gods, Where art thine pride in man’s race?
Men we are, to fight for thine kingdom in grace,
Thine Punishment is our grief and thine waste.
Creators of this earth and man, make haste,
redeem the earth and thine kingdom from doom
all the earth’s evil in one woman’s womb;
A deceiving creature she be, a serpent Pandora be,
Plagues, maladies and misery the earth shall see.
Will the earth be redeemed? Will the human race survive?
With hope, and only hope, for salvation they shall strive.

November 5th 2011


  1. Well, I enjoyed it.


    1. Thanks. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it 🙂


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