I Have Not Loved you

A poem I wrote last year on April. And sharing it here again today for Valentine’s day – my most miserable day of the year, and I sense this year won’t be no exception. :-) Enjoy.

It was an experiment indeed
I did not care what you feel
You were nothing but a man
I shared intimacy to get it done
There was a check on my list
You were just lucky
To be in the right time and place
I have not loved you
If I did I would be crying now that I have lost you
Do you remember when I have kissed you
Kindled the fire in your eyes and between us
That was just an act
For the night
It is forgotten now
There is nothing to add and say
Nothing worth mentioning to praise
It was an act indeed my friend
As you see
I have not loved you
These were just memories I have forgotten
Dreams I have waken up from
Moments passed too soon
It was a long time ago
Measured by a dozen of full moons
I have not loved you, you see
I have not imagined another kiss with you
My lips never longed for yours
Nor the body longed for your hands caressing me
I do not long for your fierce eyes
nor a final embrace
It was a simple act
you see
I have not loved you
my dear

April 7th 2012

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