The Stage is Yours

I remember the first time I was on stage
Did nothing but wanted to be unnoticed
The time after I played along with the others
But then I had to make a character
She was a woman who struggled for success
had to sell her body in order to create
I was very proud of her
I still had no voice, no presence and barely a talent
After a while I raised my voice and read poetry
the poetry I myself chose as a speech
about my emotions I have struggled for years

No one cared to listen
No one cared to try
They all wondered why I was wandering
Why i never stayed in one place
No one wanted to me to wander
they all wanted me in one place
to stay there and never move
i looked in their eyes
showed them they can’t read me
they pretend to hear me
but they hear a language they blocked
They try to tame me
make me belong to them

But remember you all
the stage is mine now
I have conquered it
I own it now
it is mine and not yours
it is my voice
my language
I have chose and was chosen
to speak
say a speech
you care to judge me?
judge me now
Say what you have to say
I will never change
I will grow stronger
For I have conquered the stage now
and it is mine
at least in the meantime
while I’m speaking now
using this voice of mine
this language and accent
you can block your ears
I don’t mind
you can go away
I will go away once you replace me
But hey
the stage is mine now
And this is my voice
care to change it?


It is my presence
My figure
my tone
you all see and hear
Remember I am too wild to be tamed
And to awkward to be named
I can be prince Hamlet if I chose
I can be Macbeth or Faustus for sure
But this time I chose to be me
perhaps not the real me
but the me I feel comfortable with right now
I might change
I might become someone else
I will be someone else
in time my friends and enemies
you will see
a face you recognize but can’t distinguish
Am I real?
Or am I a fantasy created for myself?

But Remember
the stage is mine now
it is mine and mine alone
you can leave
I will show you the way
it’s through that door
you see?

The stage is mine now
I have conquered it
it was no battle field my friends
but a field for creation and recreation
for new visions and revisions
for rising the dead
or creating death
you choose

I did not conquer the stage for you
but for me
to show you what I can do
perhaps not too much
but I might offer more
the future is near
and life isn’t as short
you wonder why I don’t fear death
you wonder why I don’t fear God
but you certainly wonder what I’m doing here
on this stage
wandering, while not standing on one spot
I can go back and forth
I can go right and left
it’s my choice you see
I choose to wander
As already wandered the earth in my mind
alas, I did not come back to where I belong
I still doubt I will
It’s my choice you see

You say I’m trying to be someone else
But have you ever asked
Who am I anyway?
You try to tame me
to believe I belong here
I belong no where
not yet at least


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  1. jalal michael sabbagh. · · Reply

    Absolutely beautiful poem.jalal


    1. Thanks a lot Jalal. I actually publish my poems on my actual website/blog here:
      (I publish some here to get more attention by WP users).


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