To the man with two faces

I have written this poem few months ago and have never published it because I’ve forgot to finish it and have forgot about it. Now that I saw it hanging in there on my notepad I looked at it and thought I can’t really edit it or finish it, so I’ll simply post it here in a hope that it won’t turn out that bad.

After a while you’ll come back
to where you are.
But in the meantime you can act
like you’re above.
In time you’ll realize that one
true face is all you need,
to reach your glory and finally smile.
One true face will give you the key
to love… my friend.
You think you have only one face,
that’s only because you have missed
your other face while talking
to me.

(September 2012)

Then I’ve turned the page and I saw that I have actually write some additional lines:

For a while he looked handsome.
Beautiful welcoming a delightful soul.
Oh, he was a delight.
He was a man, full of light.
Yet, little one could know, he had two faces:
One face for love,
the other for fear.


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  1. randomandunheardof · · Reply

    This poem is a great example that you don’t need difficult words or structures to create a beautiful poem like this.thank you very much!!!


    1. Thank you. I’m very glad you’ve liked it. It was simply random.


      1. randomandunheardof · · Reply

        randomly awesome!


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