My Judas

Peace on Thursday night ;
with Holiness, greatness,
and mysteries.
Last supper it was;
our secret night, My Judas.
Only for us, together.
Remember what I gave you my Judas.
That night I gave you all:
My trust, my devotion,
my love, my all.
I served you my blood,
(did you taste it?)
I gave you my body, my Judas.
It was for you, all of it.
It was our last supper;
our secret night,
in the dim light,
our last night, together.

Where were you in the morning?
My Judas.
Where did you disappear?
What have you done?
Did you wish to deny me?
deny me with your friend.
Finally, I am not yours.
Good bye, you said.
It is a tear to be shed.
All was good.
Good bye, my friend.

You will remember me,
my Judas.
Rising from the dead,
yes, resurrecting.
to tell you all,
I am alive.
you have done nothing,
My Judas.
There was nothing,
It was the end my friend,
Fare you well.

These were your words,
your own words;
deny them now if you dare.
And deny me, again,
in front of them all.
Now. if you dare.

Peace on Thursday night,
The last supper,
our last night.
There lied your words again,
when my blood was served,
and my body too.
For you my Judas,
for your planned betrayal
the following morning.

Fare you well my Judas,
my own friend.
you will remember me,
living still,
coming from the dead,
waiting for no end.

January 27th 2012


  1. I loved the breakup, ending of the relatioship, blended with the way Judas separated himself in the end, and the way you wrapped it back to rising again, anew! Excellent poem Arwa….very nicely done! I love the way delivered it! God bless!


    1. Thanks a lot. I wrote this poem last year and it means a lot to me. Unlike other poems I wrote it more than once, and I needed to be “excellent” as you described it.
      I’m going to write another version of this poem… another poem of My Judas.


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