This is an assignment I’ve had for my dramatic writing class. We had to bring a combination of someone’s dream and a personal myth and here we go:

A woman and her reflection in the mirror. Her reflection replies with “Bullshit/Bollocks”.

Woman: My name is Katherine  Jonathan McDowell Greene and I am here to enlighten the way. For I am the girl who once played with fire but repented.
Reflection: Bullshit
I am lady of Shallot waiting for my own Lancelot. I have made my own story and died.
I am here to paint the walls with all the colors of the fire, to transmute lead into gold. you know we all had that stone
the kingdom of God is within us The works he does, we can do . . . and greater. He promised.
After Millennia of darkness we will bear witness to our ultimate renaissance.
Together we will find a way and it’s going to be what you have always dreamed of. We will do what we have always wanted. There will be time, we both know it and we will gain the time we once had.
You and I are similar, the things you do I do, we think the same, we dream the same, we know the same.
We stand in that place where we will never give up . You and I, we have time.
I’m not a liar, and I do know myself. There’s nothing unclear to me. I know everything that needs to be done. There is nothing else to be altered. It is not a game, it is a journey, we both should be on the same ship.

I am the girl who once played with the fireflies, and lost my way into the darkness of fairyland. Will lose my way again, while you will hide in my shadow. You will never give up as I haven’t given up on anything. This way you and I are complete.
You are scared.
You are an image.

January 2012

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