Her Eyes

She is a woman.

A beautiful woman,
full of life,
she has a wild spirit
of love.
She dances like the waves,
so delicately
and gracefully.
She walks like the wind,
so lightly.
She smiles
like a child,
so innocently.
But her eyes,
they’re tired,
full of sadness,
full of pain.
Makes one wonder:
who is she?
where does she come from?
But she only makes one wonder,
not others,
for they’re all blind,
they understand nothing
about the truth of the eyes.

Her eyes…
so dark,
and violent.
Her eyes,
they scream with anguish
and grief.

her voice is so serene
and lucid.
She sings with the wind,
and smiles with sun.
She embraces nature,
and dances with the waves.

She lives.




  1. I would like to read this again when I am alone not lonely so I can rhyme as well


    1. Hi. Thank you for liking my posts and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like this poem, it’s a special poem for me, I still remember when I wrote it, it means a lot to me. Yes, please, do read it when you’re alone.


      1. SureThing..I like words and the way to present through poem is just I can’t ignore by surface reading..I wanna have read it again.


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