New beginning – my resurrection

Last year was a horrible year, and now five days after the new year began I’ve decided to put all the terrible memories of 2012 in a little wooden box and only open it for using the pain to create.

After few days of agony and grief I have decided to start a new year full of love, joy and creativity. I will keep looking at the new year’s resolutions list to remind myself that I have responsibilities to keep, and dreams to fulfill. I will keep writing and creating. I will follow my dreams and my desires. I will make amazing plans for this year, and those who will say “Arwa is living in a film/dream”, will have to deal with my life and choices.

I will save money to travel, and see places I never saw before. I will use every opportunity to know new things, new cultures, new people,  and expand my horizons (not one horizon, but many). There is a huge world outside of home. If I don’t belong in here, I will look for new places to belong, and if I never find a place to belong to, I will keep in mind that I belong to myself.

I will keep my friends closer, as well as my family. I’ll give my friends all the attention they need, because with their company I’m very happy. I love their support and love.

I will be closer to my family and show them how much I’m grateful to have them all in my life.

This year will be extraordinary, because it’s two thousands and thirteen. Thirteen is my favorite number (because I was born on Friday the 13th). This number might not bring me luck, but it is a special number for me.

If this year does not bring me joy, at least I know I have hoped in it and I was resurrected and have decided not to give up on myself, my dreams, my hopes and my life.

Now watch me dancing, singing, writing, acting, and having fun. You can join me for sure.

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