New Year’s Resolutions

Few years ago I used to write lists of New Year’s Resolutions, inspired by Bridget Jones’s Diary, simply because it was witty and funny. I used to make this kind of list every year for the sake of the fun I can have while writing it.

For two years now I’ve started to think that writing resolutions is stupid and pointless, but now I’m thinking it would be rather a good idea to write something, at least for the fun of it.


So here are the resolutions:

1- Find a boyfriend. A good caring boyfriend to actually like.

2- Apply for at least 3 scholarships

3- Get more than 2 hobbies.

4- Get into acting, seriously.

5- Write at least half a novel.

6- Save money to live in the big city, alone.

7- Do sports.

8- Make a bigger blog/Magazine.

9- Travel to Europe.

10- Learn how to cook, really cook.

11- care more about cleaning.

12- Start a video blog.

13- Read more books, obviously.

14- improve my writing.

15- Be a better employee

16- Stop complaining

17- Read A Song of Ice and Fire

18- Watch all the episodes of “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”

19- Call my friends more

20- Stay away from trouble

21- make better decisions.

22- Stop caring about what others think

23- Stop caring to appear beautiful, people aren’t that shallow.

24- Find a job in Europe or the states.

25 – Get more followers.

I have to stop, 25 are quite heavy. When I started writing the resolutiosn I thought I’d end up writing only 5, and now look, there are actually 25. I hope I get to keep at least 5 of them and thus I can claim to have a successful year, unlike this year.

I think I should add another resolution that should make a difference:

Be happy and forget the pain and suffering of the past year.

Thank you for reading, God (or whatever) bless you and Happy New Year.


  1. […] Three years ago I wrote a list of 25 new year’s resolution. Most of them were juvenile as I was younger and less experienced than today. […]


  2. Wow – I cam help you with each of them:)


    1. Haha. Thanks. That would be great. Those resolutions are from last year. Haven’t achieved half of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL – It’s time – I can give to you all:)


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