The Hobbit

I have finally had the chance to watch “The Hobbit”, or perhaps one can refer to it as The Film of the Season/Year. “The Hobbit” as many of you should know is based on the Fantasy novel by Tolkien with the same title. This novel is a prequel novel for Lord of the Rings, it’s simpler and shorter but contains some of the main characters of Lord of the Rings, like Bilbo and Gandalf. The novel of course is a must read before Lord of the Rings. I have read it and studied it for my fantasy class last year and I have loved it. After watching the Trailer I wasn’t so excited for the film as I became excited after watching the film.

I disliked the idea that the film is just part one of a trilogy, since the book is short and there’s only one volume. I thought Hollywood are trying the best they can in order to get money, and this is in fact what they’re doing, trying to get money by making a trilogy out of one novel. I know that the novel does not need a trilogy, I have considered it a simple adventure novel that is filled with folklore and fantastic elements. Surely it’s quite a good read and obviously it’s a good literature, but a trilogy is a lot to handle for this book.

As usual, when I go to watch a film that is adapted from a book I know how to enjoy it – by not expecting a good film. And when you lower your expectations the more you appreciate the film. Still I wanted to watch it so badly. I’ve had to warn my friends and my self of course that the film is long and there will be a lot of scenes that weren’t included in the book and I really have no idea from where do they come from. I didn’t expect to like the extra scenes and story line in the film, but I actually found them interesting and they’re good enough for requiring another two sequels.

I have definitely enjoyed the film and found it highly interesting. There’s more than action and fantasy. More than fighting Trolls and Orcs. The fantastic characters that Tolkien has invented are merely a metaphor for races. It’s about accepting one another and understanding the other race. Furthermore it’s about knowing who you are and what can you. Thorin Oakenshield is one of my favorite characters, he’s more than just a leader of the dwarves, he’s a brave man who fights for his own origin, race and homeland. We all know that the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is our protagonist, but I know that Thorin is the hero in the story and as it appears to be in the film as well. He’s brave, leader, charismatic, strong and proud. Richard Armitage is the perfect choice to play this role, and besides, he’s sexy.

There are a lot of allusions to Lord of the Rings, I mean, yes sure, The Hobbit is a prequel to Lord of the Rings, but the book does not make a huge fuss around Sauron and one can rarely think about Lord of the Rings while reading the Hobbit, but here in the film, it appears to be that The Hobbit is more of a sequel than a prequel to Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings as movies are more connected to one another than the books they’re based on. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, we’ll have to watch the rest of the films of The Hobbit in order to know how we feel about that.

The bottom line is, I quote enjoyed the film, and I think it’s not only a successor to Lord of the Rings, but also a vanquisher.


— this post was posted on my old blog, and I copied it to this one.

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