Kindle is Awesome

Again, Kindle is one of the greatest things I get to have. It’s memory can hold up to 5000 books. I was very glad when I first bought my Kindle, I used to go to the university almost everyday, and I always leave my books at home because I care a lot about my bag, but ever since I got my Kindle, I have no excuse to leave my books at home, they’re always with me on my Kindle, and it takes no place in my bag, it’s like a big cellphone that I carry with me.

And sometimes I go out for few days, I can easily bring my whole library with me. It’s all on my Kindle. Of course, the battery on my Kindle holds up to a month. Sometimes I even go to lunches and dinners with the family and I know that if I ever get bored I have my Kindle to entertain me. It can fit anywhere, in a bag, in a purse, or I can just hold it in my arms, it looks awesome with its cover jacket.

I once had to go to a wedding ceremony, and I must confess I get really bored at church, so I brought it with me, sat aside, and read something interesting. I know it was rude, but, it was only a one time thing.

My point is, Kindle is really awesome, and it can fit anywhere, and one can carry thousands of books anywhere.

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