Little Princesses are sick of society fucking standards

I found this shocking, yet I’m pleased. If you’re appalled by hearing little girls swearing with no shame, then maybe you can think of the society standards. And over think about feminism and equal rights in our so-called modern society. Facing a future where women are still paid 23% less than men for the same work, and… More Little Princesses are sick of society fucking standards

Amsterdam 2016

Even if you go for one short day, you’ll need two years to get out of Amsterdam. You keep thinking about it like it was only yesterday, and you just need (not want) to get back to it, and maybe stay there forever. Far away from your own horrid reality.

Dignity – Arwa

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© shudder-stock.deviantart She sat in darkness looking at his frail body. He was still unconscious. He looked so miserable and faint. His face was calm but weak. If he woke up he won’t be able to move, he was tied all together. She had to tie him very carefully and make…

Chemistry teacher

My sister handed me her phone, to show me her Facebook news feed and said “He used to teach you at school, right?” I looked at her phone, not entirely grasping what was going on, or what was she trying to show me, or who was in that picture. And then I read carefully, his… More Chemistry teacher

قصة حيفا ترويها شواهدها

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في حيفا قصص كثيرة يحاكيها الزمان  وروايات أخرى مخفية عن الأعيان هناك حكايا مخبأة بين الأزقة والجدران إنها لمدينة يعجب لها القادم من أي مكان في حيفا، حدائق معلقة أنماها إنسان جنة على الأرض ملأها الحنان ويقين أنها كونية في كل زمان لكن في مقابرها تخفي شجن على ماضٍ كان لها مرصوص…

Stop Asking

How dare you question anything? How dare you believe others over your own original beliefs? How dare you question the people who raised you and taught you how to live? How dare you think on your own? You’re human, you’re not allowed to think. You’re not allowed to question anything. You’re only allowed to eat,… More Stop Asking

One after another

Here it goes again one lie after the other And here they go again, every single feeling I have left. Just by walking down the street, I see your lies, in an empty carousel. The history of only five years, flashing in front my eyes, in just a mere moment. Those five years felt like only five weeks.… More One after another

On Friendship

Friendship will always be part of us, humans, we grow up on friendship, we live, grow old and die on/with it. Friendship is a concept that many of us has failed to comprehend, or to grasp. And yet, most of us think we know what it is. We seldom succeed in appreciating it, or appreciating… More On Friendship